Saturday, February 26, 2011

Truck Accident Blocks Pearson Bridge

The local Daily reports a truck loaded with cedar lumber for unknown reasons flipped onto it's side on the Pearson Bridge at about 5:00pm. The accident closed both southbound lanes on the bridge as police investigated.

No other vehicles were involved and fortunately no one received serious injury in the event. It required a large crane to right the vehicle and police reported that charges could be pending.

Comment: Sometimes you wonder where those inspectors are who check out the big rigs. They seem to blitz the area every now and then and then disappear. Where do they go anyway? Does the province only have one inspector for the whole province? How often are commercial trucks inspected for frame safety etc.?



  1. Those inspectors are kept quite busy working to keep unsafe vehicles off the road. We have more than one right here in Nanaimo and they keeps on top of the many companies and individuals that own commercial vehicles.

  2. It's a scary incident. Glad to hear that no one is seriously injured. I hope that they'd be able to identify the cause and avoid the accident in the future.


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