Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Is Nothing New

Saint Valentine's Day 
Dates Back To 496 AD
According to Wikipedia Valentine's Day was established in 496 AD by Pope Paul VI and is named after one or more Christian martyrs, Saint Valentine.

It is an annual commemoration held on Feb. 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. The day is commonly marked with the giving of cards, flowers and chocolates as a token of love. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentine cards have given way to mass produced greeting cards.

The stores are certainly geared up for this happy day, with lots of flowers available, and specially boxed candy of all kind and some special cards for those of us who don't express our feelings well.

So, pick up a dozen red roses, a box of chocolates and a special card and show your significant other how special you think they are.

"Love is not written on paper, for paper can be erased. Nor is it etched on stone, for stone can be broken. But it is inscribed on a heart and there it shall remain forever". author unknown


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