Friday, February 18, 2011

What Is This Council Hiding?

 Bestwick Decision Questionable?

Ex mayor Mr. Korpan has called for  public disclosure of the legal opinion Bestwick got during the BP sign variance saga.  Council has chosen to ignore the request and not make the disclosure public.

It begs the question, what is council hiding from the public that means all these decisions have to be made in the dark behind closed doors? If the legal opinion they are acting upon won't stand up to public scrutiny, then that might explain their reluctance to bring things out into the light.
Their 'in secret' decisions surrounding ex-manager Berry's half million dollar parting gift was followed by the 'in secret' decision to sue Millennium.
Let the public, who have paid for these opinions, see them for themselves and see if we come to the same conclusions. That is the only way to decide if this council is making wise choices, and after all one of the cornerstones of democracy is transparency on the part of elected officials.
Also have council demonstrate why these matters had to be dealt with 'in secret' in the first place unless there is something to hide. Of course on some of these issues you will find councilors are gagged and only the Mayor can give an explanation. Why is that anyway? Since when, couldn't elected officials speak for themselves? That almost reminds me of the tactics that those despot rulers use in those backward countries, far, far away.


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