Tuesday, March 22, 2011

72 Hr. Preparedness Not Enough

Councilor Jim Kipp
People Need To Be Prepared 
For 7 Days

At yesterday's Finance Policy Committee meeting, Councilor Kipp addressed council regards emergency preparedness.

Currently the public is being told to prepare for being able to care for themselves for 72 hours in the event of a major disaster. Councilor Kipp is urging the city to let the general public know they should be prepared for at least 7 days rather than 72 hours.

In light of how disrupted things actually become in the aftermath of a major event, such as we are seeing in Japan and Christchurch recently, the previous instruction of preparing a 72 hr. kit is simply not long enough.

Councilor Unger posed the question "how many people, even in this small group, are actually prepared even for 72 hrs.?". Good question .... are YOU???

To get more information about emergency preparedness you can visit the Government of Canada website by clicking HERE.


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