Thursday, March 24, 2011

Community Gaming Grants Increased

Victoria Adds $15 Million To Community Gaming Funds

Premier Clark made good on an election promise to increase funding to the community gaming grants by $15 million. This will restore some 500 organizations to historical funding and should help ease the crunch many local organizations have been feeling recently.

Groups involved in community education like parent support services, youth arts, community service groups such as Kiwanis and others, local festivals, fairs, museums and a variety of cultural groups will benefit from the increase in funding.

Currently there is $120 million set aside from gambling revenues, and this will increase to $135 million with today's announcement.

Comment: I am sure many worthwhile organizations are pleased with this news, however, the skeptic in me always bristles a little when it looks like someone running for public office (she has not been elected yet) appears to be using taxpayer funds to gather support. I would be less skeptical, if the announcement were made after she actually wins a riding.


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