Friday, March 25, 2011

Hats Off To By-Election Candidates

Kudos To 
Brian, Ian, Ted, Bill, Murray and Darcy
While most of us just sit around and bitch and complain about how lousy our government is, or how we don't like our taxes always going up to support waste in government spending, and  then do nothing else about it.

These six members of the community have enough concern and commitment to actually do something about it and have allowed themselves to enter the local political scene so they may be able to make a positive change. Each bringing to the table their own perspective on how to best do the job and help their fellow citizens and the community in which they live.

They have given significant amounts of their own money, and even more of their time to engage in the whole process of running for the seat on city council. They have faced the glare of the TV lights and answered the probing questions presented by the local media and have laid themselves open to public scrutiny as few of us would be comfortable with. They have answered phone calls and emails and talked themselves hoarse in their effort to have the privilege of representing us in local governance. For that we should thank them all!

Saturday, March 26 is election day in the city of Nanaimo and as a result of YOUR decisions, expressed through YOUR ballot only one will win the seat on council. That is democracy in action, and hopefully enough of us participate to ensure it works properly, "the voters are never wrong".

To all candidates I would like to say a sincere "Thank You" and to those who do not win in this by-election, I hope you will step forward again in the fall and give us the opportunity to vote for more than one, because all are worthy.


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