Friday, March 18, 2011

An Image Is Worth A Thousand Words

Graphic Image by Jon Berkeley Says It All

The above graphic image accompanies an excellent piece of journalism in The Economist which accurately reports on recent and still unfolding events in the Land of The Rising Sun.

The author is not the first to comment on the decency and civility being demonstrated by a people reeling from an unbelievable series of events. An earthquake measuring 9 on the scale, a 30' Tsunami, a volcanic eruption, uncertainty with regards the current nuclear crisis, loss of loved ones, homes and a complete disruption of any semblance of normality. Yet, in the midst of all that a stoic calm and public order that should be a lesson to all of us in the West.

It was reported that in a supermarket, with stocks running out, the power went out disabling the cash register. What did the people do? Did the riot? Did they steal? NO ....... they put the goods back on the shelves and went away. It is not the response I envision happening here, somehow. We are bitching and complaining if we can't find iodide pills in the local drug store, or God forbid have to wait in line in the supermarket some days because a lot of us show up at the same time!

This weekend be sure to stop by the Save On More Store in Country Club Mall to make a donation for the Red Cross Japanese effort and get a Origami Crane as part of the "Cranes to Uplift Japan" fundraiser organized by a group from The Dorchester.


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