Friday, March 11, 2011

Nanaimo British Columbia Canada

 On Beautiful Vancouver Island
The Most Desirable, Livable
Small City In North America

Since I live here you might consider this article biased, but that would not be true. For you see, this small, seaside, harbour city, on the beautifully scenic West Coast of Canada enjoys living conditions that are second to none in North America. Once upon a time this part of the world was referred to as 'God's Country' and that was not meant as a gimmicky, marketing ploy, but rather truly reflected the impression first time visitors saw when they were struck with the awesome, natural beauty of the place. Our provincial government's marketing department has registered the phrase Super Natural British Columbia, but I assert it is truly Supernatural!

Allow me a few moments of your time to prove my claim, that Nanaimo is a Perfect Place to call HOME. It is an idyllic place to live, work, play and invest as our tourist bureau will claim. It is a place with unsurpassed beauty and offers a lifestyle in perfect harmony with the human condition, regardless of your gender, age, life philosophy etc.

This modern city of 80,000 souls is situated in central Vancouver Island making it the gateway
community for the entire island, it is also known as the Harbour City or the Hub City all names are apt descriptors. It could be described as the third point in a triangle which would include the other better known cities of Victoria and Vancouver being roughly equidistant from both larger centers. Vancouver, as you may have heard has been chosen for the fifth year running as the best place in the world to live, I would disagree!

For you see, Nanaimo has several advantages over the better known Vancouver, and the cost of housing is one huge advantage, with a Nanaimo house costing on average 50% of one in Vancouver, some people find they can commute to Vancouver and still be financially ahead by living in Nanaimo, for this reason alone Nanaimo living has big advantages. If you are of retirement age, you will find Nanaimo simply put 'has it all', you can sell the homestead elsewhere and perhaps downsize into a more suitable retirement home and put the cash left over into your retirement fund! One word of caution, if you enjoy shoveling snow from your sidewalk and driveway, and then brushing and scraping your car windows, then you will be disappointed with the moderate winters we have in Nanaimo.

Nanaimo is big enough to meet all of your needs yet small enough to still see people you know when you go shopping! Nanaimo has the best retail shopping on the Island, and that includes Victoria, it has a first class Regional Hospital with a recently added renal unit as well as a major expansion to it's emergency department. Nanaimo also boasts many assisted living complexes if that is the lifestyle preferred for retirement years. Many active seniors groups are sure to offer year round activities to keep body and soul in a state of lively rejuvenation.

On the other end of the age spectrum Nanaimo offers the perfect place for a young family to raise their children with excellent education facilities available to take our young people from pre-school to University, all without leaving home! Near perfect public recreation facilities and unparalleled parks and trails offer both young and old, alternatives to encourage and reward the active lifestyle at whatever level of involvement suits your physical ability. Indoor heated pools, outdoor solar heated pools, fresh water lakes, fresh water swimming and saltwater swimming are all on the menu when you live in Nanaimo. Indoor ice rinks, outdoor baseball diamonds, soccer fields, indoor and outdoor lacrosse, football fields, rugby fields, tennis and badminton courts, horseshoe pitch, golfing for all levels of skill, curling rink, disk golfing, volleyball, racket ball, skateboard parks, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, bungy jumping, kayaking, windsurfing, neighbourhood playgrounds, freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, clam digging, water skiing, canoeing and just enjoying a stroll or more invigorating power walk or jog along the many kilometers of ideally situated parks and trails, all mean never a dull moment for those fortunate enough to call Nanaimo 'Home'.

If you would like more information about the "Most Livable, Desirable Small City in North America' drop me a line and I will reply. You may also get more information about the Perfect Place to call Home at Nanaimo Info as well. You can also get a better 'taste' of Nanaimo by viewing a short video by clicking HERE.


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