Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nanaimo By-Election Winner

Winner Nanaimo Council By-Election 2011
And The Winner Is ..... Ted Greves

The candidates which ran in the election were Brian Fillmore, Ian Gartshore, Ted Greves, Bill McKay, Murray McNab and Darcy Olsen.

There were a total of 6,323 votes cast and Ted Greves received 1,606 which represents 25% of the total votes cast.There are 61,860 eligible voters in Nanaimo which means that just over 10% of those who could, actually participated in the process.

It is a sad commentary on our democracy when nearly 90% of local citizens ( I use the phrase lightly)  don't care enough to even vote.



  1. Congratulations to Ted Greves

  2. Thanks for your report, Jim. Didn’t see you at the Shaw Auditorium tonight to watch the results, as they came in.

    The results were known about 14 minutes after the polls closed.

    Shaw TV was there and I understand that there may be some televised coverage around 11:00 tonight and again on Sunday.

  3. Congratulations from the hockey gang, Ted. You're a good man for the job.


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