Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nanaimo City Computer Network Attacked

Virus Shuts Down City Computer Network

The local Daily reports a virus 'the likes of which the city IT department haven't seen before' led to the shutting down of the entire network yesterday afternoon.

Per Christensen, the city's IT director says when staff realized the virus was spreading from one workstation to another quickly, they decided to shut down the entire system.

It is reported that no private information has been compromised and that city staff and an external internet security provider are working diligently to rid the system of the virus. No estimated time is given as to when they expect to resolve the problem.

Comment: Wonder what kind of sites city staff might have been 'surfing' (on break of course) which introduced this little beauty to the system. I guess most city staff might as well hit the slopes, if their computer system is down, they likely can't do much without it.


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