Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Mystery Shopper Scam

A local job hunter was the target of a scam designed to prey on the gullible and those who are desperately looking for a new job.

After responding to an ad online on Cragslist which was for a bookkeeping position she received an unsolicited offer from a 'mystery shopping company' offering to pay $300 for a 2 hour assignment.

Included with the assignment as a money order for $3890 which she was told to deposit in her own account, and after a few days, withdraw all but $300. She was then to use the cash to purchase a money order to be sent to a Liverpool address.

Of course the original $3890 money order is a fake and in a few weeks will come bouncing back to the victim's bank account leaving them out over $3500.

RCMP would like to hear from you if you have received similar offers.


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