Thursday, March 17, 2011

News Notes From Around Nanaimo March 17

St. Patrick' Day: today everyone with even the slightest bit of Irish heritage, and even those that don't will be kissing the blarney stone and wearin' the green.

Woodlands School Students: were supposed to have been in Japan during spring break, but have returned home as a result of the disaster which struck that country. Sixteen Nanaimo students and three chaperones spent one night in Japan before returning home.

Increased School Funding: an unexpected increase in provincial funding has reduced the deficit for School District 68 from the forecast $5.7 million to about $2.5 million. The district is seeing declining enrollment in local schools with another decline of 185 students forecast.

Nanaimo a BC Ferries Vacation: BC Ferries includes a stay at the Coast Bastion Inn among their 'Vacations' offering a trip from Vancouver, an overnight stay in Nanaimo and a return to Vancouver the following day in one of it's vacation packages. To see full details click HERE.

HMCS Nanaimo (1st): is featured on Ready Aye Ready for those interested in a piece of Nanaimo's nautical history. This is the 'first' HMCS Nanaimo which was built and launched in 1940 and built by Yarrows Ltd. in Esquimalt B.C. She had a length of 205.1 ft. and carried 6 Officers and 79 Crew members. Full specs including a photo are available HERE.

Nanaimo Travellers Lodge: Is in the process of beginning to raise funds to build their new facility on Northfield Rd. which will house dementia patients. Their current building is 30 years old and was not built to meet the needs of dementia patients. Currently NTL houses 90 dementia patients in their lodge and offer care for 160 on a monthly basis who still live in the community. The new facility will follow the Eden Care model which is a proven model for dementia patients.

VIU Strike: both sides in this dispute are expressing some optimism they will be able to overcome their stalled negotiations. The union seems now willing to drop it's demand that there could be no lay offs which seemed to be the main sticking point for some time now. 

St. John Ambulance Salute: The Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society  is recognizing the invaluable contribution that St. John Ambulance Nanaimo Brigade make to the Nanaimo Marine Festival and Great International World Championship Bathtub Race. It is the 100th anniversary of St. John Ambulance and the Bathtub Society will be honoring them by making a salute to St. John Ambulance the theme of this year's Bathtub Sailpast on Wheels Fun Parade.

No Charges: are being laid in the fatal accident which took the life of Mary Harriet Stevenson on March 9 when she was struck by a vehicle on Metral Drive near Doumont Rd. Police say there is no evidence to support a criminal charge in the case.


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