Wednesday, March 16, 2011

VIU Strike Continues

Talks Scheduled To Resume March 16



  1. Here is some information I found on the VIU website about the strike:

    The University’s proposal:

    * The University has offered to extend the current VIUFA contract until March 31, 2012, this includes no ‘take-aways’ or concessions of any kind.

    VIUFA proposals currently on the table:

    * VIUFA want a ‘no lay-off’ clause.
    * Additional paid time for union members to conduct business
    * Increased paid professional development
    * Increased pay for directed studies
    * a number of other cost and non-cost items

    VIU cannot agree to a ‘no lay-off’ clause. Doing so would eliminate opportunities for the University to respond to changes in enrolment patterns or student demand.

    The University has been given a mandate to negotiate within a net zero framework. The cost items VIUFA are asking for are not within the government’s net zero mandate. Over 70% of the Universities and Colleges in BC have settled within the net zero mandate.

    Reports suggesting that there will be significant faculty lay-offs in 2011-2012 are incorrect. VIU anticipates a loss of fewer than ten full time equivalent instructional faculty. As outlined in the faculty collective agreement, the employer will work with VIUFA to mitigate these lay-offs.

  2. Concerned Student16 March 2011 at 15:24

    And here is some information I found on the VIUFA website in response. Question Everything:

    Faculty have shown some concern about the misinformation on the VIU website and now in a VIU-paid ad in the Nanaimo Daily News about the unions proposals. For the record:

    * We are seeking a financial exigency clause as appropriate mechanism for faculty layoffs.
    * We are not, nor have we ever, proposed more paid union release time. This is simply misinformation.
    * Both the employer and the union originally proposed increasing Professional Development funds. Both parties have since dropped this proposal.
    * We are proposing that Directed Studies be fairly paid – current provisions can mean our members work for less than minimum wage while the employer reaps a profit.

    We have written to VIU’s Communications officer, Toni O’Keefe, requesting a retraction, and we have written to the Nanaimo Daily News to alert them of the misinformation in their newspaper.


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