Friday, June 24, 2011

New $16,000,000.00 Staff Office

Mayor Ruttan Says: 
'May have done it differently'

In a recent Nanaimo News Bulletin article Mayor Ruttan is responding to questions about the decision to spend $16 Million on a new office for city staff.

In the article he is quoted as saying: "If we had the luxury of time we may have done it a different way, but we didn't think we did, so we acted".

Does this mean that for some reason he felt rushed to make this decision and was not able to give it due consideration? Is he aware of the date of some certain disaster which could strike the city, imperiling city staff, if we don't act now?

In the interest of securing the immediate safety of the city staff, assuming that is the concern, they should immediately be removed from harms way, and the existing building be brought up to standards. This would mean you are not leaving staff in harms way for another year or so while they await their shiny new office. It would also mean we only spend $4 million instead of $16 million.

The Mayors logic is difficult to agree with.


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