Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer In Maffeo Sutton Park

Popular Food Vendor
In Fact the ONLY Food Vendor

You always know that summer has surely arrived in Nanaimo with the appearance of the hot dog vendor in Maffeo Sutton Park. The purveyor of fine tube steaks offers regular hot dogs, smokies and the 'fill you up all day' Dogzilla dog. They also offer good french fries and a variety of beverages.

While I have always enjoyed a visit to this food vendor, I can't help but think that Nanaimo Parks and Rec made a huge error when they limited vendors in this popular park to only the one vendor. It would seem that having a wide variety of food offerings could be much more appealing to a wider section of the public. If you agree let Parks and Rec boss, Richard Harding 250-755-7516 , know you would like to see more food carts in the park from now on.


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  1. One only need watch Eat St on Food Network to realize the whole of North America is in the middle of a Food Truck craze. There are even series of videos on You Tube of how popular and innovative these trucks can be. Yet Nanaimo is clearly repelling this urban upwelling sending other vendors to Parksville and God knows where.

    That is a definitive disconnect from the Mayor's desires to revitalize downtown. Build it and they will come, Nanaimo deserves a choice. With one vendor in the crown jewel of Nanaimo food vendor real estate don't expect business to flourish downtown when you drive people away!!!???. Smacks of poor planning at the very least IMHO, clearly a huge push in the wrong direction.


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