Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Assured Loading Ticket Refunds


VICTORIA –BC Ferries has elected to provide a one-time refund to customers who purchased assured loading tickets between 1984 and July 25, 2011. This refund is being offered in an effort to clarify the terms and conditions of the assured loading product and address any confusion customers may have had.

For a 90-day period, starting July 26, 2011 through October 24, 2011, BC Ferries will provide a one-time cash refund to any customer who has an expired assured loading product, as well as any customer with a current assured loading product that no longer wants the tickets. This refund offer is available until October 24, 2011, after which time, assured loading customers forfeit this one-time opportunity for a refund.

For information on how to request assured loading refunds, visit Refunds will not be processed at the terminals. Proof of purchase is required to be eligible for a refund. Customers can expect refunds to be administered in six to eight weeks.


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