Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cathedral Grove Is Still A Wonder

When Was The Last Time You Visited?

The grove of huge trees on the way to Port Alberni has always been an attraction for visitors of all ages and yesterday was no exception. Even though it was Friday there was a never ending stream of cars coming and going from this popular attraction. From the languages overheard many of the visitors to the park this day were either from Europe or Asia, with very few 'locals' being evident.

When I first moved here 40 years ago it was one of the first sites I was introduced to and I can honestly say, the place still has the same sense of awe it held the first time I walked through the grove.

It is truly like entering a majestic cathedral, in fact it surpasses any I have seen for a sheer sense of the touch of the divine. There is an almost immediate desire to lower your voice, if you choose to speak at all, and even though there were hundreds of people coming and going you never lost the sense of peace and calm that permeates the atmosphere.

When was the last time you stopped by for a walk in the grove? Or are you like me, and after a time seem to just pass by all these beautiful wonders British Columbia has to offer in our rush to run here and there doing more 'important' things?

When I first moved to British Columbia in 1967, the common greeting from the locals was: "Welcome To God's Country". Sadly, that seems to be a phrase no longer in vogue as we seem to ever increasingly loose our sense of the Divine as we hurry and scurry here and there.

Sometimes, it is really good, to just STOP, find a place of solitude and reflect on all the natural wonder and beauty that exists in supernatural British Columbia. No, that is not a catchy ad slogan.


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