Monday, July 25, 2011

Commercial Street Packs 'Em In

 "Greatest Street In Canada" Saw Record Crowds

In conjunction with this years Marine Festival and Bathtub Races on Friday and Saturday Commercial Street closed to car traffic as they had been in years past. This was the crowd that filled the street after the Sail Past on Wheels Parade finished.

There was lots of stuff for the little ones to do, and if you are an older person who likes crowds, this was the place to be.



  1. funny it won best street in canada with a failed conferance center, an ugly A&B sound building and so many used book stores
    guess thats why it didnt repeat as best street in 2012 ha ha ha

  2. how in gods name is commercial street better than robson street in vancouver, you know the street that goes from stanley park to BC place, oh thats right, robson street wasnt in the competition, and neither was st catherines in montreal, or queen street in toronto,the only streets in the competition were from small hick towns, look it up yourself

  3. I am not sure how credible this 'competition' really was. Maybe we had to pay an entry fee to be judged. That said claiming Commercial St. as the Greatest Street in Canada, probably doesn't elevate our credibility, or for that matter, any street claiming such a distinction is suspect. Kinda like being voted the Greatest Husband in Canada...................


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