Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Drum Roll Please

Post Number #4,000 On Nanaimo-Info-Blog

Since April 2007 when this blog was first started until the present date, this blog has now officially archived 4000 posts to do with Nanaimo news and events. Since this is truly a one man band, I am taking this opportunity to blow my own horn a bit.

4,000 articles? No wonder my fingers are cramped! This makes this blog an excellent source to research different events and news items over the past four years using the search feature in the right hand column. If you search 'city council' you will get pages of returned articles, ditto for Vancouver Island Conference centre or Mr. Jerry Berry as another example.

It has never been my intent to replace the place of the local media which have huge resources of research and manpower at their disposal, but rather to provide news of interest in a nutshell, so you can keep abreast of the truly important events in Nanaimo without overwhelming the reader with far too much information. It is also my intent to provide an easy to use site which points to useful information about local events such as bathtub races etc.

I have enjoyed putting this little effort out on pretty much a daily basis, and hope in some ways the readers find it a useful addition to your surfing/reading habits.

Well, enough horn blowing,,,,,,, now what are those scoundrels at city hall up to now??


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