Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nanaimo Bathtub Race 2011

 Bathtub Races In Nanaimo 2011

The Great International World Championship Bathtub Race is only days away. The time when daring men and women challenge the unforgiving waters of our rugged west coast in a true test of both physical and mental endurance in a brutal contest that pits man and machine against the violent fury of a roaring Nor' Wester that whips the seas into a seething, foaming mass of man and machine bashing power!

Howitzer Sounds Start Of The Great Race

This years Race which is the 43rd anniversary of the race that started in 1967, will get underway on July 24th at precisely 11:00 am sharp, when the otherwise tranquil inner harbour off of Maffeo Sutton Park will be turned into a seething cauldron of angry sea as this years competitors jockey for position, when the sound of the Howitzer cracks the morning calm marking the start of another exciting event.

What is left of the fleet will race, or limp, into Departure Bay approximately one and a quarter to one and a half hours later, when the winning contestants will try to convince race cramped legs, and brutally abused bodies to somehow find the resolve to race across the beach, ascend the stairs to ring the bell which officially marks the end of the race.

The Longest Stretch To The Finish

After being pounded by relentless seas, and with every muscle literally on fire from exhaustion and being cramped into their tiny vehicle, the brave racers still must race across the beach and Departure Bay and ascend the steps to ring the bell to officially finish the race.


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