Monday, July 11, 2011

Nanaimo Council Democracy

Does This Council Believe 
In Listening To Nanaimo Taxpayers?
Do They Actually Believe In Democracy?

At tonight's city council meeting one of the items on the agenda is the 'alternate approval process' which is being adopted to give city staff the right to borrow $22.5 million to build a water plant, we maybe don't even need.

Originally they were going to allow Nanaimo taxpayers the right to participate in a legitimate form of democracy by way of a referendum which would be held in conjunction with the civic elections this fall. However, it seems that council actually does not believe in listening to the wishes of the people, especially when the people might not agree with them, taking the lazy mans way of dealing with this $22.5 million problem. For more information listen, to the video on this blog about the options you do have for this water treatment plant.

If this city council thinks that the alternate approval process (which makes a mockery of democracy) is a legitmate way of gaining public approval, I propose they also pose the following question via the alternate approval process:

The question: "All members of the 24th City Council of Nanaimo shall NEVER be allowed to hold public office in the city of Nanaimo EVER again". That would be the question and unless 10% of the voting public respond within 30 days, it will be considered the wish of the people that no one on this council ever hold office again! I wonder if they think that would be a fair way of allowing the public to participate in democracy.

With the number of "in Secret" decisions this council makes, it really makes you wonder if they have any desire to hear the wishes of the people on ANY issues! For example, while we are at it, lets include another question regards the $16 million for a shiny new office for city staff! I presume they want to shut out public opinion from that decision also.

A democracy willingly allows the general public to participate in the process, a dictatorship does everything it can to eliminate public opinion from the process. So, ask yourself, what kind of a democracy do we really have in the city of Nanaimo?? Ask yourself, if you are doing YOUR part by being informed, being engaged and being involved in the whole process? Or, are you allowing yourself to fall under the rule of dictators by default?


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