Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nanaimo June Jobless Still Alarming

Stats Canada Reports 14.9% Jobless In Nanaimo

Showing only marginal improvement the jobless rate for Nanaimo declined from 16% in May to 14.9% in June of this year, which is still nearly double the rate for the same month last year and continues to double both provincial and federal rates.

Construction in Nanaimo is clearly stalled and many workers who are fortunate enough to find work are reporting earning much less than in previous years. If you hope to support a family in Nanaimo, your best prospect is landing a job with the city, the school district or someplace in health care.

If you are among the 14.9% unemployed in Nanaimo, it raises the question of how long you can hold out looking for work here, when clearly your 'odds' are much better elsewhere. I imagine that many people are only able to hold on because they are still receiving EI benefits, next stop of course is welfare, but that is hardly an option if you are willing to work and are mobile.

Local and provincial officials are unable to provide any concrete reason for the staggering unemployment rates in Nanaimo. It is said that a high student population would account for some of the numbers, but considering that is an annual event, it would not explain the near doubling over last year, when obviously students would also be coming into the work force.

It would seem a logical conclusion that there simply are no new jobs being created, and Nanaimo is experiencing the reality of a weakening economy. For all the good news about Harmac Pacific, they still only employ a very small number of workers compared to their glory days in years past.

Our retail sector (which is now the highest tax paying sector) will no doubt continue to experience the effects of the largest Island Costco which just recently opened in the Comox Valley which will result in thousands of up Island residents no longer making the trip to Nanaimo.

There does not appear to be any concrete explanation for our current jobless numbers, as a result there is also no plan to correct the situation coming from area 'leaders'.


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