Monday, July 18, 2011

Nanaimo Silly Boat Race 2011

Grey Skies Didn't Hold Back The Crowds
Strong Backs Make Launching A Snap
Clearly A Winning Team
Winner Of First Heat
Exhausted Victor Collapses On Beach
Another Roaring Success
The annual Nanaimo Silly Boat Regatta in aid of the Child Development Centre was another smashing success under grey skies, but with nary a drop of rain in sight.

This years hopefuls began building their silly boats at 8:00 am, giving them just over four hours before the first heat which started at 1:00 pm.

It took the strong backs of the local Redmen Football Team to get some of the heavier efforts down to waters edge where all manner of craft challenged the seas of the inner harbour in a perilous race from shore, around a yellow buoy and to the shore again. It sounds simple enough except for the unseaworthiness of many of the craft and the lack of skill on the part of the crews, many of whom were clearly challenged by the fairly simple course.

The winners of the first heat with an astounding time of less than two minutes was the entry from the VIEX whose craft was clearly designed for speed and mobility. In addition, their crew worked like a well oiled machine as they literally left the competition in the dust. Their skipper was the first to ring the bell as he staggered exhausted on the rocky beach, clearly suffering from the grueling demands of such an unforgiving course.

More pictures, later. Congrats to one and all for making this event another highlight of a summer in Nanaimo and congrats to the community for supporting such a worthwhile cause.


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