Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nanaimo Water Treatment Plant

Borrowing $22,500,000.00 To Build
A New $65,000,000.00 Water Plant
Is NOT The Only Option
In Spite Of What City Council Says

City Council Won't Let You Vote In A
Referendum To Borrow $22.5 Million
That Is Simply Outrageous In A Democracy

Instead of trying to save Nanaimo taxpayers what could amount to millions and millions of tax dollars, this city council is choosing to do absolutely nothing to oppose this outrageous order from VIHA which will see Nanaimo taxpayers having to install a $65 million water treatment plant, which will also cost nearly $2 million extra every year to operate.

All of this is because someone in VIHA thinks our 100+ year record of supplying perfectly safe drinking water doesn't measure up to their 'wish list'.

If you are getting tired of people you don't even know, telling you to spend $65 million you don't have, then for heaven's sake, get informed, get involved and participate in the democratic process.

Find out what is going on, and INSIST that your city council do more than roll over and play dead all because someone at VIHA told someone at city hall our water treatment was not good enough and they decided it would take $65 million we don't have, to fix a problem we don't have.


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