Monday, July 04, 2011

Popular Fitness Class Continues

Instructor Bob Uden Addresses Class
Disputed Parking Zone
Uncompromising Bureaucracy In Action

A popular fitness program which has been a fixture in Nanaimo since 1982 has avoided closing after volunteer instructor Bob Uden has agreed to store his equipment in the building at Bowen Park rather than transport it to and from his home on the three days weekly he leads the Heart and Stroke Fitness Class.

For nearly 30 years now, Mr. Uden has faithfully shown up on Mon. Wed. and Fri. to lead the Heart and Stroke Fitness Class which truly is a life saving class for many of it's members. He arrives at 7:30 am, unloads his sound equipment and files etc, sets up his equipment and leads the class for about 45 minutes at which time, he reverses the process and the gym at Bowen Park is emptied out by 9:00 am. For years, he has been allowed to park his vehicle adjacent the gymnasium to facilitate the unloading and loading of his vehicle.

Recent changes to the parking area in front of the gymnasium have meant that for reasons not really understood, Mr. Khun at Parks and Rec no longer wishes to allow Mr. Uden to use a space designated as an unloading/wheelchair ramp. If common sense is to be included in the equation, clearly Mr. Kuhn should simply allow Mr. Uden to use this spot between the hours of 7:30 am - 9:00 am on Mon., Wed. and Friday. I suspect however, that common sense is completely overshadowed by Mr. Kuhn's ego as the decision to not allow Mr. Uden to use this spot on a very limited basis is without merit.


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