Sunday, July 03, 2011

Question About E & N Rail Line

What Has Changed Since Last Year?

Anytime Nanaimo  can actually see some of our tax dollars come back to town would have to be considered a good thing in general. After all, I am sure that the province could have found lots of other uses for the $7.5 million they are putting up to help with the E&N Rail upgrade. The fact this is contingent on matching funds means it is not like having cash in the bank, and I suspect the ICF will increase their lobby trying to get funds from the federal government and their other 'partners' which I presume would also include the city of Nanaimo taxpayer.

I asked the following question of Mr. Bruce, several weeks ago, and to date he has not provided any answers.

Last July, then Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Shirley Bond released the findings of a study of the E& N railway which in part stated:

"The study evaluated the cost to improve major sections of the line to support specific markets, as well as considering a full-corridor upgrade. It concluded current volumes of freight and passengers do not support significant infrastructure investment at this time."

So, aside from the obvious fact that the Liberals are likely gearing up for an election to hopefully give Premier Clark a mandate of her own, what would be the reason for the about face on the part of the province wishing to fund the E&N Rail Line?? Call me a cynic.


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