Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Questions About New Water Treatment Plant

Questions Needing Proper Answers

The following questions are posed in no particular order of importance but they all relate to the current $65 million bill, Nanaimo taxpayers are being told they MUST endure.

  • Nanaimo water has only required boiling a couple of times in over 100 years, so why would anyone think it is currently posing any kind of health risk?
  • Is there any quarantee this new system will actually provide water as safe as we have had for the past 100+ years?
  • Why can some bureaucrat at VIHA insist that Nanaimo residents have to fork out $65 million to solve a problem which arguably does not exist?
  • What would actually happen if the Nanaimo taxpayer stood up on their hind legs and refused to bow to the orders from the ivory tower dwellers at VIHA?
  • Am I dreaming to hope that one or more of our city councilors might actually grow some backbone and try to advocate on behalf of city taxpayers, rather than just rolling over to the whims of some VIHA chief?
  • If the Province is going to support VIHA with this demand for a new treatment plant, then THEY need to provide the funding for it. If they say they, don't have the money, then what in blazes makes them think we do?
  • Is there any actual credible study in existence that proves we need to be doing ANYTHING with our drinking water supply or treatment at all? In other words, how long would our existing water supply meet the needs of Nanaimo?
  • Why wouldn't a chlorine and UV system work to adequately treat Nanaimo drinking water? Why add another $2 million a year to the cost of supplying drinking water?
  • Does city staff have ANY reason to oppose the imposition of this new water treatment plant, or are large projects a form of job security to them? In other words, if they are not managing large projects, do they have anything to do?
  • Why are city councillors, city staff and the general population so spineless as to think their is nothing they can do about this grand $65 million imposition? Have we forgotten that the most powerful group in a democracy is the PEOPLE!! It is not the hired staff nor any of the elected officials, it is the PEOPLE who are to possess the power in a democracy. What we are witnessing here is closer aligned to a dictatorship, and that is sad and shameful.


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