Thursday, July 28, 2011

RCMP Marine Patrol Nabs Impaired Boater

Weekend Marine Patrols
Enforce & Educate Boaters

The first full weekend of marine patrols by RCMP personnel has resulted in one male being arrested for Impaired boating.

On Saturday night at approximately 10:30 PM, Nanaimo officers onboard the 7.3 meter  vessel, stopped a vessel that had entered a restricted area while fireworks were being discharged.The 23 year old male operator showed signs of impairment by alcohol and was presented with a hand held Approved Screening Device. He recorded a FAIL. None of his five passengers were able to take control of his boat due to their alcohol consumption and therefore , the boat was towed to the Nanaimo basin and secured for the night.

The male was then transported to the Nanaimo RCMP Detachment were he provided further two breathe tests, registering 180 mgs each time. He was later released on a Promise to Appear and charges of Impaired boating under Section 253 of the CC are being recommended. His first court date is set for October 18th in Nanaimo Provincial court.

"Although this was the first person this summer apprehended for impaired boating since regular patrols commenced, it undoubtedly will not be the last. The message has got to get through that impaired driving ,either in a car or boat ,are unacceptable practices," said Constable Gary O'Brien,media spokesperson for the Nanaimo RCMP.

Marine patrols will be carried out on every weekend this summer by officers from the Nanaimo RCMP and their mandate is clear:enforcement and education. Throughout the course of the weekend, many boaters were stopped and simply issued with a warning for violations such as insufficient life jackets, no marine flares or boat license or no bailing device. Some times warnings do not suffice and tickets will be issued. "If our officers see a vessel operating in a dangerous manner or by an impaired boater, then charges could result," said O'Brien.


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