Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Reason To Distrust Government

The HST Is A Revenue Neutral Tax
Said Premier Gordon Campbell

Do you remember being told how good the HST was going to be for everyone in the province? How all those savings that businesses would see would result in jobs, jobs, jobs and how all the savings would be passed down to the consumer?

Remember how Premier Campbell assured British Columbians that the tax would be revenue neutral? If that statement was made in good faith from the advise of government civil servants, then you can only conclude they really don't know what in blazes they are doing.

Of course on the other hand, a suspicious mind might think it was just another clever story and bit of smoke and mirrors to distract, while once again government slipped their hand ever deeper into YOUR pocket.

If The HST Is Neutral, Why All The Concern?

The Liberal government, under the new Premier did everything they could to convince BC taxpayers that the HST was a good tax and would be good for us. They did everything they could do to sway the vote in favour of retaining the HST.


Could the answer lie in the fact, we are now being told that returning to the PST and GST is going to cost the government money? How does a revenue neutral tax end up costing the government money?

Just another reason I don't trust anything that the elected and non-elected officials keep telling us.


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