Tuesday, August 09, 2011

BC Smart Hydro Meters

BC Smart Meters
Energy Conservation or Smarter Cash Register?

At the city council meeting last night some local residents presented council with their concerns regards radio transmissions the new BC Hydro smart meters will be producing. They presented council with some evidence to support their concerns which may or may not be valid. You may also be aware that there is some concern expressed as to harmful effects of using cell phones and cordless phones for much the same reasons. 

Hydro's Real Agenda?

A spokesman for BC Hydro also addressed council with data supporting the idea that these meters present no health risks, explaining a 30 minute cell phone call would be the equivalent of an entire year of transmissions from the smart meters.

He also went on to explain that the use of such meters will result in consumers becoming more aware of when they are using hydro, which will result in conservation on the part of the consumer. It was also pointed out that the new meters will notify hydro when your power is out so you won't have to call them.

Neither benefit seemed to be a compelling argument for spending nearly $1 billion to install the new meters which are much more likely being installed to facilitate a more sophisticated billing system on the part of hydro which will increase their revenues, which means the average consumer will end up paying more for their hydro.

Had the hydro spokesman pointed to other areas where these meters have actually resulted in reduced consumption resulting in less revenue from consumers the argument would seem more credible.

Being somewhat skeptical I rather suspect that in years to come we will be presented with a more sophisticated billing system which will charge more for the hydro we use at peak load times, which results in hydro charging more during these peak times which will not result in reduced consumption but increased revenue for hydro.

I am certain the hydro spokesman was presenting the official company sales pitch but doubt if the real objective is to reduce consumption by making people aware of the times of day they are using more hydro.

Another casualty in the move to this new technology will be the lose of jobs to the men and women who currently read your hydro meter.

Smart Meter? You Bet ------- Smart for Hydro that is.


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