Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Boston Pizza Sign Installed

Controversial Sign Finally In Place

The Boston Pizza sign which highlighted division, controversy and even hypocrisy is finally in place on the Island Highway at Longwood Station. It is neither as high as the original sign was to be and it does not contain the dreaded LED component, nor is it as effective as it could be if you are approaching from the south heading towards Woodgrove Mall.

The approach from the south at one point has nearly half the sign obscured from view and even coming from the north is partially blocked by a tree, but is does provide more visibility for the local business than previous signage was capable of.

This sign was also the centerpiece of the 'Bestwick Anonymous Conflict of Interest Caper' that saw the originally approved sign overturned at the eleventh hour. Anyone who says that watching television on Monday nights is better than watching city council in action, might want to think again. Some of the antics can be quite amusing.


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