Monday, August 15, 2011

Construction Progressing

New Port Place Mall Building
One of the construction projects in Nanaimo that seems to be steadily coming along is the new building on the corner of the Port Place Mall property across from the Salvation Army New Hope Centre.

This corner lot has been vacant for years, with one or two enterprises occupying it from time to time, the most recently remembered being a used car lot of some kind. I think this new building will be a combination of office and retail when complete.


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  1. The author has said very well that it will be combination of retail and office places because it is being build by professionals.
    The author has reflected the importance of professionals. As we know that a professional is some one who is having expertise in the field.
    So is in the case of construction industry. Only professional can do the task in a better and efficient manner. So if you have to hire some one in construction industry do hire a professional company.


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