Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good As Gold??

Gold Off $200/Ounce In Two Days

Remember when gold was considered the standard by which you could gauge the worth of a country's currency? Remember when saying something was 'as good as gold' meant it couldn't get any better?

Well, if you bought some of that gold on Monday for about $1900 an ounce you might be unhappy to know, it is now worth about $1700 an ounce, just another example of a trading system governed by greed and fear, run by a bunch of Harvard degrees playing big boy monopoly.

You don't have to have a Masters in economics to look around the world today and realize that NO ONE seems to have a clue what in hell they are doing and that includes Presidents, Prime Ministers and Kings. In technical terms big businesses, banks and even countries are actually bankrupt and until the worlds leaders figure out how to hit the reset button we are going to be in for a bumpy ride for years and years to come.

Historically, when countries got themselves into a mess, they simply declared war on someone which put all the young people to work, and gave the old folks something to work on. However, that is not much of a solution when the whole world finds itself in the same collective mess.


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