Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Green Bins Coming To All Nanaimo Households

All Households Will Have Bins In September

If you are one of the 17.500 Nanaimo residents who did not go on the Green Bin recycling program last fall you can expect your Green Bin and start up kits to arrive sometime in September.

We were on one of the routes that went on the program last year, and I must say I had my reservations about what I thought of the idea, but after nearly a year I think it is a good program. It does take some getting used to when it comes to understanding the collection system.

Every week you put out your Green Bin which contains all food waste as well as soiled paper waste which does not go with the regular recycling paper. For example used paper towels, waxed cardboard and pizza boxes could not go in the regular paper recycle bag, but can go in the Green Bin. Be sure to get familiar with what goes in the green bin and you will likely find your regular garbage bag is hardly full every two weeks.

So, each week you put out the Green Bin and either your regular recycling bag (the yellow and blue ones) or your regular garbage bag. You will have to check the new garbage add a week calendar which will come with your start-up kit. Granted, it is a bit confusing for the first few weeks but soon you will not find it difficult at all, and most of all you will find your regular garbage bag is a whole lot lighter than it used to be. 

For more information about the Green Bin Program see the Waste Line by clicking HERE.


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