Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nanaimo Jobless Rate For July 2011

8,000 Unemployed In Nanaimo

The local daily reports that Stats Canada jobless numbers for Nanaimo in July are still running at more than twice the national rate. The national unemployment rate for July is at 7.2% while Nanaimo's rate for July 2011 is pegged at 14.5%.

Nanaimo's rate has been slowly declining since May when the rate was 16%, falling to 14.9% in June and now inching down again to 14.5% for July. In July of 2010 there were 5200 unemployed in Nanaimo and this year that number has climbed to 8,000.

It is not currently clear if this number reflects the number of people whose unemployment benefits have run out and are now relying on social assistance to sustain themselves.

For comparison the BC unemployment rate for July is 7.3%, Alberta is 5.5% and Sask. is 4.9%, Ontario is slightly ahead of BC at 7.5% all of which make the 14.5 % rate reported for Nanaimo seem pretty discouraging.


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