Monday, August 15, 2011

Show and Shine Draws Huge Crowd

Wall to Wall People On Commercial Street
Just A Sample Of North American Wonders

The weatherman did his part and held off on the forecast showers for the Show and Shine on Commercial Street on Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. I think everyone in Nanaimo over the age of 50 was on Commercial Street over the course of the day. There clearly was a totally different crowd than there was at the last downtown event which was more geared to young families with children.

Vintage and classic cars lined both sides of Commercial Street which was closed from Bastion St. to Terminal Avenue with cars lining the street from one end to the other. There was a huge sampling of Mustangs from the 60's to the present day as well as the popular offerings from Chevrolet and Chrysler that all were just a part of growing up in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

I mused to my wife what would a show and shine look like in another 30 years if it were to show off todays automotive offerings, and I think it would be one colored 'bar of soap with wheels' as well as one in another color.

Yes, those cars sure bring back the memories, and I was not the only one as you could not help hearing people telling each other why certain cars were special to them. Comments such as "I had one of those except it was the six cylinder, or it was a different color", were typical of comments that could be overheard as the appreciative crowd strolled down memory lane.

It was a great show and I for one am pleased that the car owners take the time to bring their 'babies' to these events so they can be enjoyed by the rest of us who simply don't have the time or money to lavish on the restoration of such fine pieces of machinery.

I hope this becomes a regular event as it is definitely popular with a different demographic in Nanaimo, than is drawn to the usual downtown events.


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