Thursday, August 11, 2011

Telecoms Sue Nanaimo

Claim 911 Levy Is Unconstitutional

The Courthouse News Service reports that the telecom heavy weights consisting of Telus Communications, Rogers Communications and Bell Mobility have taken Nanaimo to the B.C. Supreme Court over the "Call Answer Levy" passed by council last November.

They want the law tossed claiming Nanaimo has no authority to levy a tax of this sort saying Nanaimo is not authorized by any legislation to impose a tax on the Wireless Service Providers. They also claim that the bylaw creates a dangerous disincentive for callers to dial 9-1-1 within the municipal boundaries of Nanaimo.

Comment: I am sure the capable lawyers engaged by the City of Nanaimo anticipated such a challenge and are confident Nanaimo will prevail during this challenge. It will be interesting to know the actual cost of this lawsuit to the Nanaimo taxpayers.


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