Friday, August 05, 2011

Wildlife In The Middle Of The City

"Bandits Holed Up In The Arbutus"

It is not uncommon for our Townsite area home to be frequented by the occasional roaming raccoon during their nightly search for food. I have three water features which I presume is just a natural attractant for them and have long since given up trying to keep goldfish in the one little 'pond'. I have had some success with a larger, deeper feature but even with that I put a cover on nightly to keep the sushi bar closed.

This summer based on the 'mess' witnessed on many mornings it seemed as if the nightly marauders were making more frequent stops even though they would be finding nothing to eat as they have long ago cleaned out the fish. I did notice however, that they seemed to be sampling the salad as half eaten water lily bulbs could be seen.

A few nights ago in early evening I say a raccoon climbing out of the ivy growing on a large arbutus tree behind the garage who then proceeded to amble down one side of the roof out of sight. To my surprise from the same tree appeared not one, not two but three of this years cubs who made their way out of their 'home' as they followed mom out of sight.

I have completely given up on the idea of adding any fish to my water features, and as much as I like the nature in my backyard I would not be displeased if they had chosen another place to live, and just visited once or twice a season, as they usually make quite the mess with their fishing expeditions even if there is nothing to catch.


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