Friday, September 02, 2011

Back To School Tips

VICTORIA – As families across British Columbia get ready for Sept. 6, here are some tips to make the back-to-school transition a smooth one:

Parents of Primary Students:
  • Get your children used to the back-to-school routine before the first day of school by having them shift to their school bedtime and wake-up routine a week before school begins.
  • Have your children choose their outfits the night before the first day to help start the morning calmly and efficiently.
  • Confirm what time school will start on the first day and the entire week.
  • If your children are going to a new school, check with the school to see what information or identification will be required on registration day.
  • Find out how your child’s teacher communicates with parents and take advantage of the opportunities available.
  • Get involved in the school community. Contact your local board of education or the Parent Advisory Council at your child’s school for volunteer opportunities.
Parents of Intermediate/Middle School Students:
  • Talk to your children about the upcoming school year. Be positive and remind them of the friends they will meet, the new things they will learn and the fun they will have.
  • If your children are going to a new school, encourage them to check out the school before their first day. Have them locate the gym, library, cafeteria and their classrooms to get them acquainted with the facilities.
  • Review your children’s class schedules with them to ensure all of their classes are correct.
  • Help your children figure out a plan for getting to class on time, especially if classes are at opposite ends of the building.
  • Continue to be involved in the school community as this is a great way to get to know your children’s teachers and other parents.
Secondary Students:
  • Work with your child, their teacher and principal to ensure courses, programs and graduation requirements are being met.
  •  If your teenagers are going to a new school, have them arrange a visit to learn where to find their classrooms, the gym, the library and the cafeteria so they will feel more comfortable on their first day.
  • Keep an assignment calendar on the fridge or bulletin board for quick reference of due dates, exams and other activities.
  • Encourage your teenagers to review their schedules and make an appointment with a school counsellor if there are any conflicts or mistakes.


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