Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buy Small Appliances Before Oct. 1 & Save

New Environmental Fee Kicks In Saturday

As of Saturday, October 1, 2011 you will be paying a new recycling 'fee' on 120 small appliances. The new fees will be levied on all sales of small appliances after this Saturday. As of Saturday you will also be able to take your old small appliances to the local Bottle Depots or the Recycling Exchange free of charge for drop off.

A complete list of the small appliances that will be subject to the new fees can be seen at the Unplugged Recycle Website HERE.

Follows is a list of the fees which start on Saturday by appliance category, so if you plan on buying a new large microwave soon, you will save the $10.00 fee if you buy before Saturday.

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  1. I can't believe for all the fees that we have to pay in this province that they say there is no money.

    Truly amazing

  2. I just bought a package of ten plastic clips that would fit over heated rollers for your hair. No electronic parts in package. nothing plugs in and was charged the $1 enviro fee. The store stated that the government was in control of what products this fee is added to. I don't believe the government intended this fee to be on this product. What to do? If this fee was intended to be added to this product, WHY?


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