Sunday, September 04, 2011

Cougar Killed In Parksville

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The Times Colonist reports that conservation officers were called to an area near the Park Sands Beach Resort after a cougar had been spotted around 9:00 am. The area is reportedly well populated and RCMP assisted with crowd control  while the conservation officers shot the animal.

The same story reported another cougar sighted in Goldstream Park on Saturday evening, RCMP were in attendance but the outcome of that encounter was not reported.

It was reported later, that the cougar in Goldstream Park was shot and killed on Monday morning when it was clear the young cat was not afraid of people and had been several times since Saturday night. It did not run away even after people had thrown stones at it, which means it could be a serious threat especially to the young children enjoying the park this weekend.

I don't know if statistics would bear me out but it certainly seems that there have been more cougar/bear/human encounters this year than I can ever remember.


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