Monday, September 19, 2011

Downtown Ferry Has MLA's Support


Local MLA and former city councillor Ron Cantelon is quoted in the local Daily as saying a downtown ferry 'lives on in his mind' and that he is hopeful that private company Seaspan will start a ferry service which could compete with BC Ferries for downtown Nanaimo to downtown Vancouver. The article then goes on to say that Seaspan has not done any studies to support the idea and have not committed to such a service.
Mayor Ruttan has also repeatedly made his wishes known on the matter that a private company start the service which would link Nanaimo and Vancouver and a 2006 Nanaimo economic development report indcates the 650 people who commute daily to Vancouver should make the service viable.
While this 'story' has little actual news value it makes it clear that elected politicians and the public sector have different opinions than the private sector. You can rest assured that if private money thought they could make this service profitable, they would be all over it. Something like the much talked about downtown hotel project. It seems that only politicians see the opportunity with either of these services, perhaps that is because they never spend their own money.
I would also wonder why a company like BC Ferries couldn't be pressured by Mr. Cantelon and his government to initiate a downtown to downtown service as they are the major ferry service provider in the province. If anyone should be able to profitably offer such a service you would think they would be the logical choice. 


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