Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Government To Ask Public Opinion

What Are Your Budget Priorities?

The Liberal government seems to be finding itself in the glue so to speak, now that the revenue neutral HST has been refused by the public. It seems that the kicking out the revenue neutral tax is in fact going to reduce the funds in the provincial coffers after all. I am sure there was never any intention to mislead the public anymore than there was with the reporting a a small deficit during the last election campaign.

So, now after never having asked us about our spending priorities before they are going to put on a little 30 day show of touring the province asking us what valuable services we want to loose, in order to support the costly over throw of the HST.

Governments at all levels, and of all stripes really need to be paying attention to what is happening in Greece where governments have simply refused to live within their means. The public purse is already bare (hence the deficit funding) and there is less and less ability for those on the low end of the spectrum to keep paying the demands imposed by the public sector at all levels.

Should this dog and pony show come to Nanaimo, they need to hear that we simply can not afford any more taxes, and they need to start trimming the fat at all levels. City Hall could heed the same advice.


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