Sunday, September 18, 2011

Grandpa's Little Sweetie

Amelia Anne Sept.2009
Amelia Anne Sept. 2011

It really doesn't seem like two years have passed since the birth of our Grand daughter but a week ago my wife and I attended her second birthday party in Victoria where she is still living at home with my son and his lovely wife.

She is finally deciding that Grandpa isn't such a bad guy after all (I don't think the facial hair helps, mine not hers! lol), as she actually allowed me to take her hand and escort her at the playground.

She is a delight indeed and I do love the twinkle in the eye and that cute little dimple. This is one of the best parts about publishing your own blog, I can brag on Amelia without even having to take my wallet out to show her picture. :^)


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