Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keep The River Clean

Some Fishermen Leaving Trash Behind

A resident from Delta sent a letter to the Bulletin expressing his concern over the debris that some fishermen are leaving along the shoreline after a time spent fishing for the pink salmon that go up the Millstone River.

The recent success of the pink salmon in the Millstone River is something all of Nanaimo can take pride in. After all how many cities can boast of being able to catch salmon right downtown?

The letter writer from Delta (who used to live in Nanaimo) noted that while here recently to do some fishing he noticed lots of garbage being left around the mouth of the Millstone. Beer and pop cans as well as plastic bags, old fishing line and fishing tackle packaging were among the items listed littering our shoreline.

Fishermen for the most part are pretty respectful of their natural surroundings and like many sportsmen they will always take anything out, that they brought in. However, it seems that not all people chasing pink salmon have the same respect for our natural beauty.

So, if you notice someone leaving junk behind perhaps you could politely ask them to take it with them. Alternatively, if you see garbage lying around you can also take a few moments to see it finds it's way into a garbage receptacle someplace.

Fishing right in downtown Nanaimo is another feather in our cap, and we all should do our part to see the natural beauty and wonder of our lovely home doesn't turn into a garbage dump.


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