Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nanaimo 2011 Civic Election Issue

Maybe Now We Can Get Some Answers
Why City Staff Gets A New Office
Instead of ZERO Tax Increases For 4 - 5 Years!

Since the details of this questionable deal remain hidden behind the cloak of secrecy known as 'in camera' and city council and city hall management are so reluctant to reveal the details, you have to wonder just what in blazes they are doing with our 16,000,000 tax dollars!

There is no logical reason for the process that led to this decision being kept from public scrutiny any longer, unless there is something to hide. Since I have not been able to get any of the details it leads me to the conclusion that this deal stinks and everyone involved hopes the public will just ignore it (which they have) and not hold anyone accountable come this next election.

But as Ricky Ricardo of I Love Lucy fame would say "they've got some splainin' to do".


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