Thursday, September 01, 2011

No Fall Election In BC

Premier Says Next Election May 2013

Ending much speculation about a pending fall provincial election, Premier Christy Clark has announced the next provincial election will not be held until May 2013. That is the date established by the province's fixed election law. However, there has been a strong suspicion a fall election was on the agenda.

The result of the recent HST vote which in could be considered a defeat for her government may have contributed to the decision to not face the electorate this fall. If memory serves sometime ago it was thought going to the public in a general election would give the Premier a legitimate mandate to serve as leader of the province.

It is probably a good thing there will be no provincial election and perhaps local city hall elections and school board elections will get the attention the deserve. As those are the two elections the local elector can have a real say in how they are governed. Of course it does mean they have to get involved and get informed and more than 30% need to participate in the process.


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