Tuesday, September 13, 2011

North End Low Barrier Housing Location??

Still Being Kept Under Wraps

It is reported in the local daily, that the provincial government is still not announcing the location of the low barrier housing project in the north end of the city. Apparently city council and city staff know where the location is, but it seems senior government are dragging their feet on the matter.

Given the current hand wringing and talk of belt tightening in light of the HST result, it could be possible that the province is looking for ways to claw back some of the dollars already promised. I hope that is not the case with this project.

It makes me wonder just how certain is city council and city staff that senior governments will be forthcoming with promised funds for the new water treatment plant.


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  1. I am totally against this type of housing in North Nanaimo, in particular the area they wish to place this "project." Near a playground, a high school and two elementary schools?! C'mon, that's just a bit ridiculous.


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