Wednesday, September 14, 2011

North End Low Barrier Housing Site Named

6025 Upland Drive Site Of 40 Unit Project

It is reported in the Bulletin that the location of the north end low barrier housing project has finally been announced. It will be located near the Nanaimo Fire Station on Hammond Bay Road near Dover Bay Secondary School.

According to reports the city will not be engaging the public in public hearings, leaving that matter to the the provider (yet to be chosen) who will actually be running the facility. This should avoid some of the earlier problems the city experienced as they are ill-equipped to answer the concerns of residents living near the facility. The city does not actually engage in the operation of these projects but does provide the land and also allows for tax exemptions on the properties where these projects are located.


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  1. We need protection and housing for the mentally ill and brian injured people, it was unconsciencable that the government cut these programs and then gave themselves raises. Our taxes weren't lessened! I have a problem with giving drug and alcohol users new homes when their are ample & good buildings to house them. They unlike the others have chosen their position in life. They could clean up and go home....the others don't have that luxury!


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