Thursday, September 01, 2011

Phoney Referendum Passes

No Surprises No One Paying Attention

The phoney referendum also known as the alternate approval process got the desired  results, giving the city authority to borrow $22.5 million to build a new water treatment plant.

There were only 3 people who cast their ballot saying they were opposed to the question meaning of course that almost no one was even aware of the issue. Which once again speaks to the total lack of voter involvement and interest in civic matters.

Not that it would likely have made any difference but the whole issue got a half page ad in the Bulletin and a brief news release about the open house. I personally attended the open house and stayed from open to close, and did not count 40 people in attendance.

It is little wonder the general public have pretty much given up on the whole democratic process as elected officials at all levels will just continue to do exactly as they please, and if they fear the public may not agree with them, rather than having a legitimate referendum, they can just fall back on the alternate approval process.

Don't expect to hear any opposition to this little charade from the local press, after all, it is the summertime and they weren't paying attention either.


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